The ENEMY is Listening

Improve workplace safety and security

This poster can initiate dialogue and raise awareness on how to protect yourself and your organization against government, corporate and criminal spying and surveillance. It refers to free and open encryption techniques and software to enable encryption on data communication and data storage to improve personal and workplace safety and security.

The ENEMY is listening.
He wants to know what you know.

Encrypt communication with OTR, SCP, SSH, SIPS, HTTPS, IMAPS and SMTPS. Encrypt storage with PGP and XTS-AES. Use a salt with hashed passwords. See the Surveillance Self-Defense (SSD) project of the EFF. Contact your system administrator to improve workplace safety and security.

Dit werk is gebaseerd op een ontwerp van de overheid van de VS uit WOII dat zich nu in het publieke domein bevindt.

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Publication Date: February 4, 2013
Size: A3 Portrait, 29.7 cm x 42.0 cm
Language: English
Color: Three colors
Related Categories (BISAC): Computers / Security / Cryptography (COM083000)