Currently, the following publications are available:

  • Neude
    Digitisation and design of Neude, a typeface in style of Amsterdamse School
    this font can be downloaded for free
  • dtap
    Pipeline between development, testing, acceptence and production systems
    this poster can be downloaded for free
  • Compose Key Sequence Reference Guide 2012
    for GNOME, Unity, KDE and X11
    order this book at
  • Diakritische tekens in het Nederlands
    Educatieve poster met theorie een voorbeeldgebruik
    please, contact for ordering this poster
  • The Art of War
    The oldest military treatise in the world
    order this book at

Sander has also spoken on many conferences such as FOSDEM, T-DOSE, Culture Freedom Day, NLLGG and NLUGG.