Apps for Android

Safe mobile apps that respect your privacy and keep unwanted advertisements and trackers at bay, deserve extra attention. Hence, Hellebaard advises the use of free and open source software (FOSS), also for mobile devices such ass smartphones and tablets.

Below is an overview of free Android apps which can be installed from F-Droid. This is a safe app store that respects your privacy. Many app can also be installed from Google Play, but the versions on F-Droid have trachking software removed. This minimizes the digital trail your online activity leaves behind.


logo F-Droid – app store F-Droid
logo AnySoftKeyboard – autocompletion keyboard
logo AnySoftKeyboard Dutch – Dutch AnySoftKeyboard
logo Finder – find your device

Web browsers

logo Fennec – web browser Firefox Mobile including Firefox Sync, install manually the following add-ons:
logo   DuckDuckGo Privacy
logo   HTTPS Everywhere
logo   Privacy Badger
logo   uBlock Origin
logo Binary Eye – scan QR codes and barcodes
logo FreeOTP+ – two-factor authentication (2FA)
logo KeePassDX – password management

Messaging and communication

logo Telegram – instant messaging
logo WhatsApp Web To Go – web Whatsapp
logo Element ( – instant messaging on Matrix
logo Jitsi Meet – video conference
logo Linphone – VOIP telephone


logo Nextcloud – synchronize files
logo NextcloudPasswords – manage and synchronize passwords
logo Nextcloud Talk – video conference
logo Notes – manage and synchronize notes
logo Nextcloud Bookmarks – manage and synchronize bookmarks
logo Nextcloud SMS – manage and synchronize sms messages
logo Nextcloud Deck – manage and synchronize kanban cards
logo PhoneTrack – log and upload positions
logo Yaga – manage and synchronize pictures


logo Try LBRY – find YouTube content on LBRY (Odysee)
logo LBRY – wallet en media player for LBRY (Odysee)
logo WebTube – YouTube, plays also in the background and login possible
logo NewPipe – YouTube, plays also in the background
logo VLC – media player
logo Kodi – media center
logo Kore – remote control Kodi


logo K-9 Mail – email
logo OpenKeychain – encryption for e.g. K-9 Mail

Calendars and tasks

logo Etar – calendar
logo Goodtime – Pomodoro timer
logo ICSx⁵ – network calendars in ICS format
logo Birthday Adapter – birthdays from address book (see also for Thunderbird)
logo Event Sync for Facebook – events and birthdays from Facebook
logo OpenTasks – tasks in CalDAV
logo DAVx⁵ – synchronization of calendars, tasks and contacts in CalDAV and CardDav (see also for Thunderbird)


logo Transistor – audio stream player
logo Vanilla Music – music player
logo MPD – afstandsbediening MPD
logo M.A.L.P. – remote control MPD
logo AntennaPod – podcasts
logo Escapepod – podcasts

Navigatie en routeplanning

logo OsmAnd – OpenStreetMap with navidation and route planning walking, cycling, driving and nautical, online and offline
logo StreetComplete – simply extending OpenStreetMap
logo Transportr – public transport planning e.g. NS and 9229
logo NLWeer – Dutch weather and precipitation from KNMI and Buienrader

Social media

logo Barinsta – Instagram
logo Frost for Facebook – Facebook
logo SlimSocial for Facebook – Facebook
logo Twidere – e.g. Twitter and Mastodon
logo Tusky – Mastodon
logo Slide – Reddit


logo Book Reader – view e.g. PDF files
logo LibreOffice Viewer – view LibreOffice files
logo Syncthing – synchronize and backup files
logo DiskUsage – manage disk usage


See also LBRY elsewhere on this page.

logo Altcoin Prices – follow prices and portfolio cryptocurrencies
logo Dash Wallet – wallet cryptocurrency Dash
logo Dash Electrum – wallet cryptocurrency Dash
logo WallETH – wallet cryptocurrency Ethereum


logo Calyx VPN – free VPN without manual settings
logo Port Authority – LAN and port scanner
logo ConnectBot – SSH and Telnet
logo WiFiAnalyzer – optimize wifi networks


If you want to go one step further, please consider installing LineageOS on your device. This is Android without preinstalled apps from Google, without preinstalled apps from the manufacturor of your device and without preinstalled apps from your provider. By also installing Open GApps pico, you have the possibility to install apps from Google Play, but only the one you choose, such as Signal Private Messenger.